Langtang Trek

A perfect destination close to Kathmandu and has the border with Tibet expressly for those who desire to trek to the Himalayas but is seeking for a comparatively easy trail with shorter walks and lower peak, then Langtang trek is here for you. Langtang Himalayan range is the nearest mountain from Kathmandu valley as you drive few hours you can easily reach the Langtang region. This trek is known for having one of the finest vision of the Annapurna Mountain Range.

The Langtang Trek unified the hidden and imposing valley of Langtang, with the exalted Himalayan white pinnacle. The combo of two treks allows you the great adventure through the high elevation passes.

Langtang trek offers you with a chance to witness for the spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks. It also offers the chance to hunt the rich socialized cultural heritage of Tibetan origin of Lama and Tamang people, ornately engraved wooden windows, energetic dance festivals and skilled zigzag traditions.

Walk through the ample valley of the Upper Mustang, elapse through Tibetan and Tamang villages and stand at the feet of a giant iceberg. The valley offers pine forests, nimble mountain streams, jagged rock, verdant downs and pasture spread with wild primula.

This trek is sorted as a balanced trekking. Unlike painless treks, balanced treks have longer walks and higher peaks. The trail in some places lofty ups and down. An average level of physical strength will require to enjoy the trek. However, a balanced trek doesn’t need much knowledge, skill, and experience as the arduous ones.

Even if you are a beginner, Langtang can be a good choice to start with. If you are chubby or a senior civilian, take plenty of rest and break up the hike into short walks.

Highlights of Langtang Trek

  • Walk through opaque bamboo and rose tree forests.
  • Waterfalls and snow-capped mountain peaks.
  • The chance to get to know the exclusive culture of the local folks.
  • A chance to enroll the cultural practices and traditions.
  • Take amusement with the elegance of the national park and tour to the Gyangchempo.

Best Time for Langtang Trek

The best time to trek Langtang are Autumn season(September to December) and Spring season(March to May). Since the weather is warm so the trekker can bear the heat. There will be very little or no rainfall. The sky will be clear allowing you to get the best view of the mountains.


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