• mount Icon Duration 16 Days
  • Max Elevation Icon Max Elevation 5,050m

Mt. Kailash is a black mountain with four sheer walls and snow capped at the top. It is located at the western Tibet, China with its 22,022 feet altitude. The climate of the Mt. Kailash region goes through 0-70 Degrees Fahrenheit. The best time to visit Mt. Kailash is from May to September. It takes almost three days (32 miles) to round the Kailash (Parikarma of Kailash) and its high point is 19,500 feet.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva resides on top of Mount Kailash sitting with his wife Parvati, the daughter of Himalaya, in a state of meditation. It is supposed to be the ultimate spiritual destination of the world. Nearby the Mt. Kailash, there is another Holy Lake called Mansarovar, the abode of purity. Hindu people from different parts of world visit there as it is a place of pilgrimage. It is also believed that drinking water of Mansarovar and taking a bath with its water purifies and cleanses all the sins committed in the lifetime. It is the place long famous for peace and tranquility and the pristine beauty and serenity of these religious sites are sure to reflect Lord Shiva forth sides.

It is essential to note that the journey of Mt. Kailash completes only after going through the Parikrama of Kailash Pravat. Trekking through this long path is difficult; however, with proper preparation, devout pilgrims are able to complete this Parikrama. For Tibetan, pilgrimage is the journey from ignorance to enlightenment. Geographically, Mt. Kailash has formed approximately 50 million years ago and according to the legend, Lord Buddha is said to have visited Mt. Kailash magically in the 5th century B.C. The Kora or circumambulation, which means pilgrimage, starts at Darchen, some 30 Km from Lake Manasarovar.

Day 1

Arrival in Kathmandu, transfer to a hotel, receiving you in Kathmandu airport.

Day 2

Guided tour in Kathmandu, managing your Chinese visa, going for a guided tour of Kathmandu and briefing about Mt. Kailash Tour.

Day 3

Drive Kathmandu 1,350m to Zangmu/Nyalam (150km), 3,300m, driving from Kathmandu to Nepal Tibet boarder along with a scenic highway.

Day 4

Rest Day at Nyalam, 3,300m, it is very important we rest and acclimatize in Nyalam before further driving.

Day 5

Drive Nyalam to Saga/4,450m - 232 km, Driving past nomad camps and sheep and yak herds we cross the high Labung La pass at 5,050m, and cross river Brahmaputra to reach Saga (4,600m).

Day 6

Saga to Paryang (4,600m) 230 km 7-8 hrs, watching the mountains in distance and driving through dusty road we pass through the small town of Zhongba before reaching to Paryang.

Day 7

Drive Paryang to Manasarover (4,558m) 277km 8 hrs, offering the first view of Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar, the highest fresh water lake with turquoise complexion.

Day 8

Drive to Darchen (14,975 ft) 30km, driving 30 km to Darchen which serves as the base for Mt kailash kora (circumambulation).

Day 9

Trek to Dira - Puk/5,000m, walking along the beautiful rocky cliffs and Waterfalls with some clouds in the clear blue sky.

Day 10

Trek Dira Puk - Zuthul Puk, 18km, 6-7 hrs, 550m ascent, 600m descent - hardest but holiest day of your pilgrimage trek.

Day 11

End of Kailash Parikrama and drive to Manasarovar, completing the kora and drive to Lake Manasarovar.

Day 12

Drive to Paryang (277km) 7-8 hrs.

Day 13

Drive Paryang to Saga (230km) 7-8 hrs.

Day 14

Drive to Nyalam or Zhangmu: (245km) 6-7 hrs.

Day 15

Zhangmu to Kathmandu 150 km, driving further to Nepal Tibet boarder, completing the immigration formalities and getting your Nepal visa.

Day 15

Fly back home / Onward Destination.

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