Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

A Guide to the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

For adventure seekers and nature lovers, there is nothing quite like the thrill of discovering new landscapes, especially when these landscapes include some of the world’s most stunning views and rich biodiversity. Introducing the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek, located in Nepal: an enchanting journey that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and thrilling adventure, all cradled within the embrace of the majestic Himalayas.

This comprehensive guide aims to walk you through all you need to know about this trek, preparing you for an unforgettable experience. From the highlights to the detailed itinerary, and from what to expect to how to prepare, we will unravel the secrets of the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek together!

Overview of the Trek

The Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is a 3-day adventure that wraps you in Nepal’s natural beauty and charming cultural life. The trek kicks off and wraps up in Kathmandu, the vibrant, culture-soaked capital of Nepal. As an adventure of moderate difficulty, it is designed to be accessible to both novice and experienced trekkers.

The trail is a winding ribbon that threads through lush forests, traditional Nepal villages, and undulating picturesque hills. What makes this adventure so compelling is the stunning views of the iconic Himalayan peaks. As the journey unravels, sweeping views of majestic mountains, such as Mount Everest and Langtang, reveal themselves to the awe-inspired traveler.

Trek Highlights

The Chisapani Nagarkot Trek will have you reaching for your camera at every juncture. Think awe-inspiring vistas of the Himalayan range, including Mount Everest, Langtang, and Ganesh Himal that seem close enough for you to reach out and touch.

The trail takes you through the heart of Shivapuri National Park, where the air is a concert of bird songs and the paths are watched over by a diverse range of wildlife. Shivapuri’s vibrant ecosystem is an amazing opportunity for immersing in nature and all its wonders.

Other highlights include opportunities to interact with local communities, learn about their customs, and get a taste of their unique way of life. Moreover, Nepal’s rich cultural tapestry is closely interwoven with its natural surroundings and this is mirrored in the harmonious lifestyle of its locals.

Ready for more? Along the trek, traditional teahouses welcome you with the promise of warm hospitality and the opportunity to indulge in traditional Nepalese cuisine. The trek also boasts vantage points like Nagarkot, a photographer’s haven, where you can watch breath-taking sunrises and sunsets painting the sky over the Himalayas in hues of gold and crimson.

Detailed Itinerary

The 3-day trek it unfolds as follows:

  • Day 1: An exciting drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal marks the start of your adventure. This is followed by a trek to Chisapani surrounded by incredible landscapes.
  • Day 2: The journey continues from Chisapani to Nagarkot, revealing more scenic views and traditional settlements.
  • Day 3: After witnessing a mesmerizing sunrise in Nagarkot, you will trek to Changunarayan, dwell into its cultural richness and finally return to Kathmandu.

Booking Information and Benefits

Booking your Chisapani Nagarkot Trek with Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub comes with a treasure chest of benefits. From convenient airport transfer services to provision of trekking gear, we ensure that your journey is seamless and memorable. Additionally, our experienced guides will provide you with insightful information throughout the trek, making your journey through the Himalayas safe and fascinating.

What to Expect on the Trek

The Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is a cornucopia of experiences. While panoramic mountain views are a given, the enchanting forests, charming traditional villages, and the diverse wildlife promise an adventure forged in the heart of nature.

Indulge in trek-perfect activities such as hiking through untouched wilderness, spotting unusual wildlife, and bird watching in Shivapuri National Park. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the local culture, tasting authentic Nepalese cuisine, and learning about their traditions.

Preparation Guide

Ensure your physical fitness for the trek by starting a regular exercise routine at least six weeks ahead, paving the path to a successful trek. Before the trek begins, spend a few days in Kathmandu to acclimatize to the altitude, and during the trek, remember to stay hydrated.

Essential trekking gear should include sturdy boots, warm clothing, a waterproof jacket, and a backpack. Consider hiring a guide or porter for an added layer of convenience and support during the trek. Lastly, securing travel insurance that covers trekking activities and potential medical emergencies is a must.


Promising a breathtaking journey through Nepal’s most picturesque landscapes, the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is a gem of an experience. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker seeking a fresh challenge, or a first-time adventurer yearning for a magical journey, this trek offers something for everyone.

In the company of the mighty Himalayas and the warm hospitality of local communities, prepare to etch unforgettable memories with the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek.

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